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Senior Manager of Athletics

Basic Function and Responsibility: Provide leadership, management, and direction to the Oakton intercollegiate athletic program, intramural sports activities, and fitness center programs. Hire and effectively lead, supervise and manage Athletic Department personnel, including coaches and a...

Assistant ESL Program Manager

Basic Function and Responsibility: Under general supervision, assist the Program Manager of ESL in coordinating the educational activities of the ESL Program including the monitoring of required reports, the registration of students and the training of ESL instructors. Character...

Director of Pocurement , Budget , and Planning (PBP - 19)

Basic Function and Responsibility: Within the Administrative Affairs Division, this leadership position serves as the public procurement officer and leads the budget and planning function. Performs professional work in the planning, organization, development, and coordination of the procure...

University Field Specialist - Teacher Education (half time position)

APPOINTMENT: Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 RESPONSIBILITIES: Primary responsibilities include observing/supervising/evaluating pre-student teachers and student teachers in area school district clinical experiences. This will include a strong use of technology in communicating with students and ...

Dual Credit CAD faculty (Position Code PTCAD - 19)

Oakton has an opening beginning with the Fall 2019 semester for dual credit Computer Aided Design faculty to teach Introduction to 3D Studio Max at Glenbrook North High School Introduction to 3D Studio Max introduces 3D Studio Max, the leading software in its field, preferred choice of anim...

Enrollment Specialist

Basic Function and Responsibility: Under general direction, provide up to date, accurate information and assistance to students, staff, and community. Deliver comprehensive general information regarding all aspects of college procedures, programs and services that pertain to the enrollment ...

Director of Facilities Management

APPOINTMENT: July, 2019 RESPONSIBILITIES: The Director of the Facilities Management provides leadership and oversight for meeting the physical facility needs of the university while maintaining compliance with appropriate federal and state statutes, laws and regulations. Reporting di...

Fire Science / EMT Mentor

Oakton has an immediate need for qualified part-time Fire Science/Emergency Medical Technician Mentors beginning with the Summer 2019 semester to assist in the teaching of the EMT course. Emergency Medical Technician studies the duties performed by emergency medical technicians, following the Na...

Unit B Faculty - Fire Science

APPOINTMENT: August, 2019 RESPONSIBILITIES: The successful applicant will be required to teach Fire Science and Fire Administration undergraduate courses as assigned. Successful applicants could also be assigned to teach and develop courses that concern special topics related to fire scienc...

Dual Credit Health Info Tech faculty (Position Code DCHIT19)

Oakton has an opening beginning with the Fall 2019 semester for dual credit Health Information Technology faculty. The course will be taught at the Maine West High School campus by a faculty of that school.