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Academic Records Coordinator-Registrar's Office

Open for hire: 04-26-2018 Under general supervision, process transcript requests for current students, alumni and faculty. Maintains Scrip-Safe software to ensure systems are functional and operational; provides training on systems as necessary. Assists Transfer Coordinator with transfer arti...

Business Analyst-Information Systems & Technology

Open for hire: 05-07-2018 The position is responsible for working with the Financial Aid Services office on the Banner Financial Aid, Student, Payroll, and Accounts Receivable modules. The position will perform a variety of application development and analysis functions within the Financial A...

Payroll Clerk-Payroll Office

Open for hire: 04/23/2018 Under general supervision, compiles payroll data to maintain monthly, bi-weekly and Harding Place payroll records. Contact Us Human Resources 501-279-4380 Office Hours: 8 a.m.-5p.m. Monday-Friday Location: back of the Ezell building ...

Residence Life Coordinator-Student Life

Open for hire: 04-20-2018 Manages the residence hall in respect to the facility itself, the management of the resident assistants, and student issues by meeting the following duties and responsibilities. Position is for a men's dorm. Contact Us Human Resources 501-279-4380 hr@ha...