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Job Description

Security Officer II
Essential Functions Abides by and enforces all compliance requirements and policies and performs these responsibilities in an ethical manner consistent with the organization's values; adheres to hospital policies including confidentiality; assists with orientation of new employees as assigned; performs essential functions with minimal supervision; utilizes proper body mechanics when moving equipment/supplies that are necessary to perform essential functions; performs preventative patrols of hospital premises and grounds to protect persons and property; investigates and prepares written reports of incidents and accidents; suggests and assists in implementation of solutions to security and/or safety problems; supervises contract personnel in performance of tasks; performs life safety and fire inspections; responds quickly to fires and uses extinguishing equipment; performs in-service fire and spill drills to enhance safety and security; moves equipment up to 50 lbs.; secures assistance from police department as necessary; mans security post, which requires standing for extended time periods, inside or outside, in all weather conditions; utilizes a personal computer or terminal to access the Hospital Information System; responds to Code 5 emergencies, takes charge of situations involving disorder and restores order; coordinates the security needs of forensic patients; follows appropriate hospital policy when applying restraint; physically subdues individuals on hospital grounds in security/safety situations; communicates with physician, patients, families, healthcare team and staff in person and via telephone; maintains accurate and complete records of door inspections, number of exterior light poles not functioning, shift rounds, requisitions and accident and incident reports; maintains NICU and PICU ambulances by doing routine inspections; ensures preventive maintenance and routine fuel checks are performed on company vehicles; drives NICU/PICU ambulance; maintains golf carts and GEM cars by charging, washing and checking tire pressure; completes all mandatory unit, educational and hospital requirements; utilizes cost effective practices in performing all aspects of the job; adheres to current Infection Control and Safety Standards; regular and prompt attendance; ability to work schedule as defined and overtime as required; related duties as required.
The position for which you are applying requires, pursuant to state and/or federal laws, rules and/or regulation, the University of South Alabama to engage in a background check and assessment of your trustworthiness and reliability. Pursuant to the Alabama Office of Radiation Control, the University may rely on the applicant's personnel file to assess the applicant's trustworthiness and reliability if the applicant has been an employee of the University of South Alabama for at least three consecutive years immediately prior to completing an application for employment in this position. If the applicant has not been employed at the University of South Alabama for at least three consecutive years immediately prior to completing an application for employment in this position, the assessment of trustworthiness and reliability may require the University and/or its designated contractors to seek references regarding your trustworthiness and reliability from references provided by you and from references not provided by you.

Minimum Requirements High school diploma or equivalent, two years security or related experience and possession of a valid driver's license and maintenance of a driving record sufficient to maintain insurance coverage under the University of South Alabama.

Working Days and Hours Rotating Days with weekends and holidays
Primarily 5:00 p.m. - 5:30 a.m.

The University provides benefits to eligible University of South Alabama and USA HealthCare Management LLC, employees based on employment status - regular or temporary - and position FTE (hours worked per week), length of service, and other criteria. Refer to specific benefit plans for information regarding eligibility and coverage for eligible dependents. Several of the University's benefit programs require staff to enroll within a specified period of time or wait to make changes until the annual open enrollment period.

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