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Senior Animal Hlth Technician

Job Description

Senior Animal Hlth Technician
In support of The Ohio State University?s Research and Innovation activities, the selected candidate will work within The Office of Research supporting the ULAR mission of providing humane animal care and facilitating biomedical research discoveries. Under the guidance of the licensed veterinarian and the Quality Assurance Lab Team Leader, provides supportive oversight to the sentinel rodent and environmental surveillance programs; maintains records of animal and non-animal sample collection and submission, provides SOP updates and annual review, performs procurement of specialized lab needs, coordinates with the QA team set up and distribution of sentinel units throughout the ULAR facilities; perform periodic rounds inspecting sentinel units to assure compliance with established SOP?s; coordinates collection of laboratory samples as required for diagnostic testing; assists the Quality Assurance Team Leader, in the administration of the Rodent Import/Export program to include: tracking requests for incoming and outgoing noncommercial rodents, preparing rodent health certificates, and coordinating with QA Director, Assist in the administration of the Rodent Import/Export program and provides training as required; provides training as needed for visiting veterinary externs and laboratory animal residents, support for wet labs designed for training on quality assurance methods and sample collection and diagnostics aimed at students enrolled in professional programs and veterinary technical school, and provides medicine support for the Veterinary Care program as time allows under the direction of the faculty veterinarians. Will require successful completion of a background check and employee health physical.

Current registered Animal Health Technician in the State of Ohio; 5 ? 10 years of work experience; Associate?s degree in animal health technology or an equivalent combination of education and experience; supervisory experience.

Desired Qualifications
Certification in Lab Animal Technology or equivalent combination of education and experience; current AALAS registration or certification; large animal and rodent handling experience; Bachelor?s degree in relevant biological or physical science; excellent communication skills; experience in collection and processing large sample batches for submission to diagnostic labs; ability to collect biologic samples (blood, cultures, feces, etc.) necessary; ability to use Excel and Word; experience processing and organizing large data sets using Excel and Word; working with the IACUC and regulatory agencies; understanding of the regulated process in lab animal care; performing administrative tasks writing reports, census/inventory, billing, experience with database programs such as MS Access, etc.


Senior Animal Hlth Technician