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MUHA BC01 - Marketing & Communications Specialist

Job Description

MUHA BC01 - Marketing & Communications Specialist

The Marketing and Communications Specialist reports to the Director of Communications and Marketing for the Children?s and Women?s ICCE. The Marketing and Communications Specialist provides support to the Children?s and Women?s ICCE marketing teams in the development and implementation of initiatives which support identified marketing strategies Working in a cross-functional environment, the Specialist is primarily responsible for detailed project management, marketing collaborative oversight, research, strategic planning, performance analysis, and reporting, client management, web content management and the development of multi-channel communications: digital/social, direct mail, email and print. This position is responsible for managing the internal and external communications processes for executive and high profile external communication engagements, aligning System objectives that relate to national reputation or presence, recommending strategies and tactics that communicate toward System objectives and coordinating that execution of resulting plans.

Minimum Training and Education: Bachelor?s Degree in Business, Marketing, Journalism, Communications, PR Health Care Administration or a related field. Master?s preferred. Previous marketing experience preferred, not required. Strong Interpersonal Skills. Demonstrated experience in working collaboratively with groups or teams. Demonstrated ability to confront and creatively manage conflict. Ability to work collaboratively with employees at all levels of the organization.

Required Licensure, Certifications, Registrations:

Additional Duties and Responsibilities:

Physical Requirements: Ability to perform work indoors. (Frequent) Ability to work outdoors in all weather conditions and temperature extremes. (Frequent) Ability to work in a sitting position. (Frequent) Ability to perform tasks while standing. (Infrequent) Ability to walk to perform tasks. (Infrequent) Ability to kneel. (Infrequent) Ability to bend at the waist. (Infrequent) Ability to squat. (Infrequent) Ability to lift /carry 30 lbs., unassisted. (Frequent) Ability to lift/lower objects 30 lbs. from/to floor from/to 36 inches unassisted. (Infrequent) Ability to carry objects weighing up to 30 lbs. (Frequent) Ability to lift from 36 inches to overhead 30 lbs. (Infrequent) Ability to maintain 20/40 vision, corrected, in one eye or with both eyes. (Continuous) Ability to see and recognize objects close at hand. (Continuous) Ability to match or discriminate between colors. (Continuous) Ability to determine distance/relationship between objects. (Continuous) Ability to perform gross motor function skills with frequent fine motor movements. (Continuous) Ability to work in isolated areas (i.e. darkrooms). (Frequent) Ability to work in a latex safe environment. (Continuous) Ability to work overtime when required. (Infrequent) Ability to maintain a current driver's license. (Continuous) *(Selected Positions)


MUHA BC01 - Marketing & Communications Specialist