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FT Campus Police Officer (2 Openings)

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We at Massasoit Community College pride ourselves in our tradition of excellence and in our historic mission of accepting all who desire to learn. We are dedicated to creating a challenging and supportive environment where the members of our community can attain their educational and personal goals. We encourage all to take responsibility for their learning, to discover their potential, and to achieve their ambitions. Massasoit Community College is solidly committed to diversity, equal opportunity, and affirmative action in the development of its policies, programs, procedures, and practices. Our mission, vision, and values emanate from the principles of diversity and opportunity for all.

In accordance with the American College and University President's Climate Commitment, it is our goal as educational leaders to demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainable practices through highly visible efforts. All staff must demonstrate a commitment to energy conservation and environmental stewardship and promote those values to co-workers and the wider campus community.

Job Description

FT Campus Police Officer (2 Openings)

MCC Campus Police Officers patrol campus buildings and grounds, investigate crimes and other incidents as directed, enforce traffic rules, direct traffic, and perform other duties as assigned by Chief of Police, Command Staff and Superior Officers. Campus Police Officers interact frequently with students, faculty, staff and visitors. Officers are required to carry a College issued firearm when on duty. Officers are assigned on a rotating basis to one of the three shifts and shifts may include weekends and nights. Officers are appointed by the Colonel of the State Police as Special State Officers pursuant to M.G.L. c. 22C, section 63. Upon receiving appointment as a Special State Police Officer, Campus Police Officers, while performing duties in the buildings and on the grounds of the College, have the same police powers to make arrests as State Police Officers. For a detailed job description please follow the link:


FT Campus Police Officer (2 Openings)

  1. Must be eligible to be appointed (warranted) and maintain appointment by the Massachusetts State Police as a Special State Police Officer pursuant to M.G.L. c 22c, section 63. (
  2. Must possess or have the ability to obtain and maintain a Class A license to carry firearm (M.G.L.c.140, section 131).
  3. Must have and maintain a valid Massachusetts Driver's License.
  4. Strong Interpersonal skills
  5. Knowledge of police procedures and practices, the law of arrest and criminal procedures.
  6. Strong written and oral communication skills and the ability to prepare written reports.
  7. Candidates must meet the minimum qualifications as listed in Massachusetts Department of Human Resources Classification Specifications (available upon request). The qualifications include, but are not limited to the following: Ability to establish and maintain harmonious working relationships with others. Ability to deal tactfully with others. Ability to interact with people who are under physical and/or emotional distress. Ability to exercise sound judgment. Ability to follow oral and written instructions. Ability to use proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Ability to maintain a calm manner in stressful and emergency situations. Ability to lift heavy objects or persons. Must have physical stamina and endurance. Ability to establish rapport with persons from different ethnic, cultural and/or economic backgrounds. Ability to understand and apply the laws, rules and regulations governing assigned unit activities. Ability to adapt to varying work situations.

Preferred Qualifications:
Preference will be given to those candidates who have an Associate's Degree or higher in Criminal Justice and/or employed as an Auxiliary/Seasonal police officer by a Massachusetts Municipal Police Department with 2 years of work experience.

ADDITIONAL DUTIES AND INFORMATION: Annual in-service training will be required. Items 1, 2, and 3 above are essential for the continued performance of duties.

Additional Information

FT Campus Police Officer (2 Openings)

Officers failing to receive a warrant from the State Police to serve as a Special State Police Officer or who may have their warrants suspended during their employment will be subject to dismissal from employment. A failure to maintain a license to carry a firearm and/or a valid driver's license will subject officers to dismissal. Officers whose warrant applications are pending will be assigned duties that do not require Special State Police powers.

Number of positions available: 2 openings

Full-time benefited AFSCME Union position

Hours: 40 hours a week, hours will vary

Salary: Grade 16, Step 1  $847.93/week ($44,092.36 Annually)

Deadline to Apply: January 25, 2019